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Region: Elumia Proper[]

Chance of Discovery: 1[]

Jhonass Park is named after the inventor of the Jhonass Filing System, a method in which filles are kept in order based on rough categories. This system has been adopted in many Iibraries and academic institutions to date, keeping the name of Jhonass alive long enough for interested groups to dedicate a park after him. Interestingly enough, the creation of this small park caused much heartache and difficulties for those who championed its cause; thusly, much of the intrigue that went into the creation of the park has left a permanent mark on the area.


Jhonass Park (Passive)[]

Visitors to the Park will note a 1 point increase to their Intrigue skill for as long as they remain there.


  • Increase Intrigue
  • Inform Librarium