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Region: The City of Mineta[]

Chance of Discovery: 4[]

It's no secret that Jorndathal isn't a huge fan of his own freak show, but few people actually know why. A quick visit to his office will expose his secret: Jorndathal has two shriveled legs that he hides by use of wooden legs painted to resemble real ones! He always wears long pants, therefore making it almost Impossible to notice, but ever since inheriting his father's Circus, he has longed to destroy the show that he himself could have 'starred' in were he not the ringmaster's son. Many people have halfheartedly tried to convince him to shut the show down to no avail; perhaps someone who is better schooled in debate will have more luck.


Represent the Freaks (Active)[]

Alternatively, if you so desire, you can take up the cause of Jorndathal's 'freaks' - the less savory circus sideshow - and try to argue him into closing that portion of the circus; if your debating is up to the task (a Charm/Debate Roll v. 20), Jorndathal will close the freak show and sing your praises (Expand Glory +1) everywhere he goes: you'll gain a Skill Step in Ethics as well.

Attend the Circus (Active)[]

Catching a mandolins and trapezes show at Jordathal's Circus will reduce your Stress by 3 points and Expand your Playfulness by 1 Skill Step - the bad news is that it costs 15 plms.

Work at the Circus (Active)[]

If you feel like skipping the shows and just hectoring people into paying their money and stepping Inside, the Jordathal crew Is always happy to take on an extra barker or two. You'll only be pald 10 pims for your effort, but you'll gain a Sklll Step In Acting, Playfulness and Volce, and you'll shed a point of Stress.

Unlocked by:[]