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Jorndathal's Circus is well known throughout the Empire. Jorndathal's Circus is comprised of eighteen ships containing some of the most interesting and amazing sights anyone will ever see in their lifetime. Descended from one of original explorers sent out by Verus, Jorndathal thinks of himself as keeping the family tradition alive by bringing the sights to the people instead of forcing them to go out and find them on their own. One of the favorite things for people to see when visiting Jormdathal's Circus is the so-called freak show; filled with bearded ladies, men half the size of normal men, three-headed snakes, and so on. It's easy to see why people love looking at the freaks... it reminds them how good they have it overall. Jorndathal continually bandles about the idea of removing freak show from his circus, but hasn't yet found a good enough reason to do so.

Region: The City of Mineta
Chance of Discovery: 3


Jorndathal's Circus: Freak Show (Active)

A visit to the Freak Show at Jorndathal's Circus will Expand your Acting, Insult, and Tease Subskills by 1 Step each. Unless you've gone to the main Circus grounds and managed to get it shut down; in that case, you can visit the empty tent at the side of the grand concourse and reflect upon your success.

Reflect upon Your Success (Active)

You've shut down the Freak Show, and now you're standing in what's left behind. You did something good here, and reflecting upon it Expands your Confidence by a Step and reduces your Stress by 1 point.


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