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"Why is it that in most plays, fat people are portrayed as the funny ones? These are the men, and, though rarely, women who prance 'bout saying foolish things and drinking far too much for their own good health and sanity. The jovial man can swat a person's backside and claim they were aiming for a fly; in their good-natured smile rests the obvious answer to the blatant lie, yet the 'victim' of the swatting is always inclined to waggle a finger and say, 'Better luck next time.' Why do they not bring the fat man down to his knees with a well deserved tirade? Because he has made them laugh with his funny little smile and his funny little swat. Can you see a skinny man doing the same and getting away with it? No, only the jovial man (or woman) may do these things without fear of reprisal. And why? Because people are always looking for the funny things in life; the depressing are far too easily found."

-Cailean the Bard, introduction to Carriages 'round the Bend

Difficulty: 4[]

Possible Effects[]

Spell Types[]

  • Jovial (Magnitude = 3)
  • Emotion (Magnitude = 2)
  • Opposition Malicious (Magnitude = 9)

Unlocked by[]