The Jumble Letters Spell was originally created to help teach foreign languages to the illiterate - and to make it easy to interpret unknown symbols and otherwise inexplicable patterns. It me with very limited success - and is, in fact, a very famous cautionary tale among cryptologists. What it *does* do well is distort the perceptions of the people it hits; Insight and Intelligence are decreased by 1, and the Chance of Success at any complicated Action, Ability or Spell drops by 3%. The spell requires a moderate amount of Insight and skill with Glamour to cast (Roll v. 8); the effects last until your target has a chance to rest.


  • Decrease Insight
  • Decrease Intelligence
  • Decrease Chance of Success: all Spells/Abilities/Actions

Action Type

  • Hostile

Spell Types

  • Alphabetic
  • Enchant
  • Glamour


Duration: 1

Unlocked by

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