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Just Going About Your Business
Prerequisites : Unknown
Begin Date : Unknown
End Date : Unknown
Days : 1
ModTools Name : Kidnapped
Roll Levels : Unknown
Automatic Benefits : Unknown
Possible Benefits : Unknown

Someone puts a hit out on our intrepid hero, possibly not their wisest move...  The entire adventure can be done in one action.

Unlocked by: Completing the main adventure with anyone but the pirates and not already having chosen to stay with the Black Falcon Costers during Cirillo Laziosi's Gamble.

This adventure takes 1 action and gain gain you a bonus to 2 ability points, a significant bonus to relationship with Orso Orsi, and multiple minor skill bonuses - the odd point of stress still leaves it amazingly lucrative.

Phase 1: Buying ink

  • Huh?
 Automatic: Advance to Phase 2

Phase 2: On the airship

  • 1. Exercise
 Automatic: Advance to Phase 3

  • 2. Stand on one leg and hop in circles
 Automatic: Advance to Phase 3

  • 3. Dispassion.  Get some rest, so that your head will be clearer when opportunity presents itself. (Roll v. x≤?) 


 Success: Advance to Phase 3

  • 4. Brute strength.  Try to pry loose some boards. (Roll v. x≤?) 
 Success: +25 Pims, +1 Stress, Advance to Phase 3

Phase 3: Before the lady

  • 1. "I need to use the restroom"

 Automatic: Advance to to Phase 4
  • 2. "I'm tougher than I look"


 Automatic: +1 Danger Sense SS, Advance to Phase 4
  • 3. "Does your lady speak?"

 Automatic: +1 Danger Sense SS, +1 curiosity, +1 stress, Advance to to Phase 4

Phase 4: In the engine room shovelling coal

  • 1. Just stop working and see what happens
 Success: +1 Pure luck, +1 Stress, Advance to Phase 5
  • 2. Dedication.  Keep shovelling and hope for some opportunity to present itself.
 Success: +1 Brute Strength, Advance to Phase 5

  • 3. Observation.  Look for something you can use as a weapon.
 Success:  Advance to to Phase 5


Phase 5: Outside the engine room with a bang!

  • 1. Say a prayer for the victim, then continue on


 Automatic: +1 Piety SS, +1 Character SS, Advance to Phase 6

  • 2. Keep moving

 Automatic: Advance to to Phase 6

  • 3. Pause and examine the body
 Success: open option 4, choose again


  • 4. Observation.  Take a second glance to check out the man's belongings, then be on your way. (Roll v. x≤?) 

 Success: +15 Pims, gain Air Guard's Knife, +1 Stress, Advance to to Phase 6

Phase 6: Hanno or Minetia

  • Go with Hanno


 Automatic: +1 Curiosity SS?, Advance to Phase 7

  • Escape
 Automatic: Advance to Phase 7


Phase 7: Wand in hand and pirate bully ahead

  • Defend yourself with your new found dagger (only if acquired in phase 5)
 Success: +1 Competition SS, +1 Courage SS, Advance to to Phase 8


  • Flee
 Automatic: ?


  • Incantation Methods.  Time for magic (Roll v.  ≤ no more than 15) 
 Success: +1 Tactics SS, +1 Duelling forms SS, Advance to to Phase 8


  • Duel.  Be creative (Roll v. ≤ no more than 13) 
 Success: +1 Tactics SS, Advance to to Phase 8
 Failure: +1 Tactics SS,-1 Vitality, Advance to to Phase 8

  • Competition.  Fight him (Roll v. x≤?) 
 Success: +1 Tactics SS, +2 stress, Advance to to Phase 8

Phase 8: Opening the padlocked chest

  • Try your birthday!
 Automatic: The lock explodes destroying the chest, advance to phase 10
  • Applications of Arithmatic.  the answer might be right in front of you! (Roll v. ≤ no more than 24) 
 Success: +1 Character Study SS, +1 Insight, Access Phase 9

  • Lockpick.  do this the old fashioned way. (Roll v. ≤ 14) 
 Success: ?, Access Phase 9

  • Brute strength.  Bash it with a stick. (Roll v. x≤ 11) 
 Success: ?, Access Phase 9

Phase 9: The desk

  • Take the documents and leave.
 Automatic: advance to phase 10.
  • Look at the picture (Roll v. x≤?) 
 Automatic: choose another option


Phase 10: The last door

  • Courage.  Fight!  (Roll v. ≤ no more than 14) 
 Success: +1 Wrestling SS,  Advance to Phase 11
  • Concentration.  Magic! (Roll v. ≤ no more than 15) 
 Success: ?, Advance to Phase 11

Phase 11: At the lady's feet

  • Fight 
 Automatic: +1 stress, +1 Insight, +4 relationship Orso Orsi, Hanno's locket, -1 vitality, Conclude the adventure

  • Wait 
 Automatic: +1 temperance SS (Leadership?), +1 Finesse, +5 relationship Orso Orsi, gain Hanno's locket. Conclude the adventure