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Just an Other Morvidus Trouble[]

While patroling near the Morvidus halls, you hear a disturbance. It sounds like a scuffle. You rush around the corner to investigate and discover Joana picking on a student.


1. Walk away.

Automatic: ?

2. Observation vs 4 at least - What is the bully doing to the victim?

Success: ?, choose another option.
Failure: No effect, select another option.

3. Persuasion vs 3 - Get a professor to intervene

Success: Persuasion +1 SS
Failure: ?

4. Debate vs ? - Argue with the bully to stop.

Success: ?
Failure: ?

5. Courage vs 3 - Be extremely courageous and try to break it up yourself.

Success: Courage +1 SS
Failure: ?