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Regent of Avila since 1653

Kate Badcrumble

Class: Astrology

First Year Exams: 17 Cheimare, 16 Kaliri

Detention Subjects[]


As a heavily outspoken advocate for the female students in the University it wasn’t difficult to chose Kate as the Regent of Avila. None of the other professors in the school were able to match her passion for the ideals the College was founded upon. Although the College is no longer female-only, Professor Badcrumble maintains the opinion that it ought to be: there is no better way to safeguard her idea of the perfect Lady, after all.

The female students in the school dote on her, partially because she, in turn, dotes on them. Male students do not fare as well. In particular, Professor Badcrumble seeks to impose on them her particular idea of gentlemanly conduct, which is often the butt of many jokes in other Colleges. The focus of Avila is considered to be the science of Astrology, and Professor Badcrumble encourages scholarly interest in this field.


1 Favor[]

2 Favor[]

3 Favor[]

4 Favor[]

5 Favor[]

6 Favor[]

7 Favor

8 Favor

  • Expand Chance of Success - Astrology Actions +5%
  • Expand +1 Skill Level:
  • Expand Parental Approval +40
  • Expand Merit +8
  • Expand Stress -8

9 Favor[]

10 Favor[]

  • Raise maximum Level [Random Astrology Subskill] +1
  • Expand Luck +1
  • Expand Glory +1
  • Expand Chance of Success - Astrology Spells +7%
  • Expand Chance of Discovery -3%
  • Expand +3 Skill Level:


Adventures that can improve one's Relationship with Regent Badcrumble: