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Users of the Knowledge Pheme will enjoy Increases of 2 points to both their Sleuthing and Famous Dilemmas Skills. The difficulty level is 6.

Most educated wizards know that to kill a Jellidak Bat, one needs only expose it to natural sunlight; much as the Jellidak Bat withers and dies upon contact with sunlight, so does ignorance shrivel and disappear when confronted with true knowledge. The difficulty lies in teaching the difference between knowledge and belief; knowledge is something that is known and verifiable by outside sources, whereas belief is “known” only to internal sources. It is said that Archmagister Rinci Wex Vondika sketched out this Pheme on the dust on top of his office windowsill one day while pondering a particularly difficult point of ethical law, but the evidence regarding this is shaky at best. The counter story involving a Cura several decades Archmagister Rinci’s junior and a “lost” bit of scholastic work is more likely to be the true fact, but ironically, the difference between knowing and believing are two separate things.

Difficulty: 6


Spell Types:

  • Knowledge (Magnitude = 4)
  • Thought (Magnitude = 4)
  • Mind (Magnitude = 4)
  • Opposition Ignorant (Magnitude = 3)

Unlocked by