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Region: The City of Mineta[]

Chance of discovery: 2[]

You can only file one complaint a week.


Listen to the Arguments (Active)[]

Visitors to the (rather inconveniently named) Great and Absolute Lesser Court of Civil Law can find themselves a seat and Listen to the Arguments, earning themselves 1 Step Expansions to their knowledge of Civil Law and their way with Insults.

File Civil Complaint (Active)[]

Students who are well enough versed in Civil Law can take a chance and file lawsuits against their enemies in the Lesser Court; if one's Civil Law Subskill and Charm is greater than his or her target’s Debate Subskill and Intelligence, one can win tidy sums - and also potentially impose an academic Reprimand on the opposition, if the magistrate at hand is sufficiently impressed to send a messenger to the school. The process is, however, expensive, with a flat processing fee of twenty-five pims, and further deductions imposed on any money exchange. [More concisely: your target loses more money than you're going to get.] Note that making a successful case will also earn you 1 Step Expansions to Persuasion and to Debate.

Unlocked By[]