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Region: The City of Mineta[]

Chance of Discovery: 8[]

Exploration Difficulty: 3[]

Libri dalla Fossa is the name of a series of bookstores owned by Oncestrians widely suspected of seditious intent against the culture and mental health of Elumia. The books they sell are too horrible to contemplate for long (the most prominent book in the window displays of 1656 was "Captain Lorenzo Hatestorm von Murderblood, volume 24: The Pants of Peril," despite the fact that magical researchers demonstrated that reading the thing caused eye gout in children thirteen and younger), but they somehow manage to foist these atrocities off on the Minetan public by the Imperial ton. Visiting the place will enhance one's own sales techniques, but will also leave one vulnerable to the depredations of the bookstore's staff.

Students are forbidden to have catalogs of the Libri dalla Fossa collection on school grounds, as they're considered to be potentially demonic in nature.

Ability: Visit Libri dalla Fossa (Passive)[]

Visitors to Libri dalla Fossa will find their skills at Manipulation, Deceit and Famous Prose Increased by 1 point each for the duration of their stay, while Willpower and Danger Sense Decrease by 1.

Unlocked By[]