With a successful casting, involving a very simple Intelligence/Incantation Methods Roll (v. 3), Light of the Universe grants its caster a 2 point Increase to Charm and a 2 point Bonus to all Spells.  The effects last for three days.

Lydee Aloh, a patron of astrologers, was not gifted in the discipline herself. However, she was able to cast a few simple astrology spells. One of her more clever inventions is Light of the Universe. Not as dramatic as some, and almost useless for research, but it creates a glowing cloud like a nebula, which envelops all who are in the area - but shines brightest around the caster.


  • Increase Bonus: all Spells

Action Types

  • Beneficial

Spell Types

  • Incantation
  • Light
  • Astrology


Duration: 18 (Three Days)

Unlocked by

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