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The Lilt Pheme will Increase a user's Mimicry, Acting, and Voice Subskills by 1 each. The difficulty level is 6.

Those who use Lilt are concerned about making things more interesting for their listeners; consequently, it is most commonly used by actors and singers. As a Pheme on its own, it is rarely found Inscribed on items, as there are more helpful and useful Phemes available for use. However, its low casting cost and relative ease of use make it popular amongst amateur singers and actors. Were it not for its requirement in certain medium level spells, it is doubtful that this Pheme would ever be used by anyone outside of a scholastic environment.

Difficulty: 6

Possible Effects

Spell Types

  • Lilt (Magnitude = 2)
  • Speech (Magnitude = 2)
  • Opposition Monotone (Magnitude = 2)

Unlocked by