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Just as the memory of mankind's servitude to the Dragons still looms over man's collective memory, so do the mountains loom over the hills and the Upper Islands loom over their Lower Island neighbors. Physical things can loom over other physical things just as mental things can loom over men's minds. Students feel finals looming over them from the day they set foot in a class just as heavily as a thief feels the long arm of justice looming over him the moment the shackles are clapped over his arms by the guards. A strong sense of self is required to shrug off the effects of looming things...all of which is counter to the actual Loom Pheme itself. The weak Loom Pheme affects little more than a person's ability to intimidate and bully; even then, the difference is so subtle as to be nearly unnoticed. Multiple instances of this Pheme are easy to draw, though, and therefore easy to stack up against someone. When utilized properly, the Loom Pheme could increase someone's Intimidation maximum greatly, thus opening the door to other, more socially unacceptable (yet rewarding) advances.

Difficulty: 6[]

Possible Effects[]

The Loom Pheme will Increase a user's Intimidation Subskill by 2 points and the Bully Parent Skill by 1 point.

Spell Types[]

  • Loom (Magnitude = 2)
  • Mind (Magnitude = 1)
  • Presence (Magnitude = 1)