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Region: Elumia Proper[]

Chance of Discovery: 4[]

The story behind this place - a blackened iron tower in the bad shadows of Elumia - is perhaps impossible to know. Its floors are torn out and shattered, and it's laced with half-dried webbing as thick as your wrist. And, of course, there are strange lights, glittering in the walls above.


Climb the Spire (Active)[]

It's not a place of obvious dangers, and it can be climbed, if not explored by more conventional methods - any foray into its heights will Expand your Courage and your Climb Subskill by 1 Step each, and Luck and Perception (Roll v. 13) may let you catch some insight into those lights, and thereby into a random Gates subskill, Expanding it by 1 Step.

Unlocked by:[]