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College: Vernin

Familiar: The Hochmeister the Red-Tailed Hawk

Louise is a very bitter girl. Her hair is constantly matted with dirt, her robes are unusually stained, she makes no expression but a frozen lip-twist somewhere between a pout and a sneer, and she's always glaring. She hates everything, especially the Academagia, and she hates everyone, especially her fellow pupils and her instructors. The only thing that seems to make her happy is her Familiar, who's even more unfriendly than she is. Smart people just stay out of her way, but those smarter still notice there's an odd sort of desperation about her - as well as a rare kind of dignity.

Ability: Resetting the Scales

Distractions are evil, in Louise's world. Distractions get in the way of her dreams and goals and everything she wants to do. Sadly, there are a lot of distractions. With some regularity, Louise manages to find it in her to release pent up energy and emotions (usually by kicking walls or a rather epic rant). The process is highly cathartic, allowing her to shred three points of stress. It's also rather unnerving. In practice, it moves three of her relationships closer to a "clean slate" as they find others things to do than be in Louise's path. One of them is someone she gets along with, but two are her friends. It's the price she pays for her explosions, but she would claim it worth it.

Clique Ability: Hand on Your Shoulder

Louise isn't a very pleasant person, and thus, for the most part, doesn't offer pleasant things to her friends. Her bitterness shakes both the Composure and Confidence (-1) of her closest friends, and it constantly plagues them. Yet despite that, there's something comforting about knowing that Louise, despite her intense nature and sharp tongue, is on your side. Temperance and Courage are both increased (+1) by the knowledge that she'll be right behind you no matter what the occasion, and it's a lot easier to be intimidating (+3) when she's glowering at your side.


Arithmetic, Athletics, Botany, Enchant, Revision, Zoology

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Adventure: Almost a Request