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With a successful Finesse/Phemes Roll v. 11 (drawing a complicated Pheme five times in quick succession isn't as easy as you might think), an enterprising or panicking wizard can enjoy a 2 point Increase to Luck, a 5 point Increase to Pure Luck, and a 75% Increase to the chances of wandering into a Random Event.  At the same time, Danger Sense and Planning both Decrease by 4 - there's just no way to see all the strange stuff coming.  Effects last for one very strange week.

"Luck Luck Luck Luck Luck" isn't one of those spells that finds its way into many textbooks - people who need it have a way of finding it on their own, generally just as they're about to be gored by rampaging provoxi, or are about to give a speech to a packed hall of drunk Vilocean mercenaries expecting exotic dancers.  The effects are hard to predict, for obvious reasons, but there are times when there are just no better alternatives.


Action Type[]

  • Spell

Spell Types[]

  • Astrology


Duration: 42[]

Duel: 2[]

Unlocked by[]