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The Lucky Coin Increases your Luck by 1 for as long as it is equipped -- but once unequipped, it'll never work for you again.

Absolutely nothing is remarkable about this antique coin save for the fact that it is as old as the Empire itself. Someone punched a hole in the middle of this old coin and strung a cheap gold necklace through it, making this into a serviceable yet unattractive necklace.

Nevertheless, anyone carrying it feels lucky. It can't be proven, but it would seem that this coin brings luck.


Item Type[]


Durability Type: Durable

Durability: ???

Size: ???

Concealability: ???

Worth: 900

Recipe Information[]

  • ???

Quality: ???

Artificing Skill: ???

Finishing Skill: ???

Enchant Skill: ???

Gained From[]