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Lurking Threat in the Class[]

Listening attentively to Professor Ringraeyer while in class, you suddenly see something move behind the professor's desk. If you interrupt the professor you might get in trouble, but if you don't speak up, who knows what could be loose in the school?


2. Perception vs ? - Closely watch the area behind the desk.

Success: ?, choose another option.
Failure: No effect, select another option.

3. Sleuthing vs 4 at least? - You can't just sit there and not quench your curiosity! Forget getting in trouble, if you don't find out what moved, you'll never be able to sit still.

Success: ?
Failure: Detention

4. Concentration vs 5 at least? - Who cares what it is or what t could be? Concentrate on your own stufdf and let Professors deal with theirs.

Success: ?
Failure: ?