When equipped, the Lute of Once Hidden grants 3 point Increases to Lute, Voice and Music skills, and a 1 point Increase to Charm.

The Lute of Once Hidden is one of those items believed by most scholars to be more of myth than materials more substantial. There’s also differing speculation on which Deity had a hand in its creation. Some experts suggest that it was the God Arcadius while others speculate that every God contributed in its making, those still known as well as those lost to obscurity. What all experts of lore agree on was that the Gods, while appreciating the mortal capacity of creativity and ingenuity, felt that the mortals often failed in the composition of musical performance suitable to a God’s interest beyond that of waning curiosity. It was only when a mortal bard was presented this instrument that someone could finally produce a performance that was fit for the Gods.


Item Type

Musical Instrument

Durability Type: Durable

Durability: 1

Size: 0

Concealability: 0

Worth: 990

Quality: 0

Gained From

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