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Magsa Nembo.png

College: Durand

Familiar: Igenga the Quinti Elkhound

Magsa seems much larger than he really is. He's a boy of average build with a decidedly oversized sense of purpose. He's a bit of a nightmare for a study group, as he cannot stand discussing a problem. He prefers to identify a solution and simply apply it with brute force until he succeeds or the point of trying has become moot entirely. What many take as a dark and brooding persona may simply be Magsa concentrating very hard on whatever goal he has in mind.

Ability: Grab an Academic Lifeline

Magsa Nembo isn't the most disciplined student, and it's not at all uncommon for him to go running in search of competent help at the last minute before an assignment is due. When he Grabs an Academic Lifeline, he's guaranteed to Expand a Study Level in his choice of class. If he's sufficiently Charming and Beguiling when he does, he'll Expand his Relationship with whomever he tapped for help; he might even Add a Friendship.

Clique Ability: Improvisational Mind

Your friendship with Magsa has taught you that not everything in life can be planned for, and that an ability to adapt to the situation around you can take you a long way. You've gained lasting 1 point Increases to Creativity, Observation, and Flawless Timing.


Arithmetic, Botany, Dialectic, Music, Negation, Zoology

Good skills

Politics, Willpower

Base Attributes

Fitness: 2, Finesse: 1, Charm: 3, Strength: 3, Intelligence: 1, Insight: 1, Luck: 3

Personality Preferences

Likes: Expand Relationship, Expand Persuasion

Dislikes: Expand Research


  • Avoid Expulsion (Relationship, School Survival, Study)
  • Know the Surroundings (Explore)
  • Make Connections (Beguile, Persuasion, Relationship, Inform Character)
  • Observe and Adapt (Observation, Patrol, Raid)
  • Work Well with Others (Coordination, Bond, Familiar Kinship)

Adventure: The Finicky Plant