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Manning hates his name, period.  Because of the incessant teasing he endured growing up, he dedicated himself to spending as much time outside as possible.  Fascinated by stories of dragons, portals, and gods, Manning soon discovered that it was more fun to make up his own adventures than to try and live through the ones that were constantly thrust upon him by ‘civilized life’, i.e. wash dishes, mend clothes, and cook food.  Out in the wilderness, everything depended upon one’s own abilities and the abilities of those he chose to surround himself with.  This catalog contains some of the things he found useful during his first years as an explorer, back when the thrill of exploration was enough to keep him going and before he discovered the thrill of passing on the knowledge of his discoveries to others.  


Item Effects Price
Durable Journal Diction, Concentration +1 50
Field Boots Endurance +1 80
Field Gloves Finesse +1 800
Fledgling History of Taezie

Anthropology +2,

Natural Philosophy +1

Personality Traits Among the Islands Anthropology +1 150
Physical Comparisons: Taezie and Valihta Anthropology +2 150
Questionnaire: Anthropology Anthroplogy +1 20

Unlocked By:[]