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This catalog contains things that Manning found useful after realizing that finding things out was one thing, but passing on what had been discovered was an entirely better idea.  Manning realized that different cultures held different ideals in esteem; as such, once one had an idea of where a culture lived both physically and mentally, one could understand their point of view and use that understanding to better open up relations between the two cultures.  


Item Effects Price
Bassan Insults (Item) Decrease target's Charm -1 880
Fledgling History of Taezie (Item)

Increase Anthropology +2

Increase Natural Philosophy +1

Personality Traits Among the Islands (Item) Increase Anthropology +1 150
Physical Comparisons: Taezie and Valihta (Item)

Increase Anthropology +2

Merilien Tell-Offs (Item) Decrease target's Composure, Dating, Gossip, Leadership -3 200
Vilocian Insults (Item) Decrease target's Confidence -1 45

Unlocked By:[]