Region: The City of Mineta

Change of Discovery: 2


The Bureau of Records is theoretically an adjunct to City Hall, but it's almost impossible for the casual visitor to find ways from one building into the other.  The complex is huge and centuries old, and much of it is underground.  Oddly enough, the map room is easier to find than, say, property registries; cynics say that that's because the old Imperial government actively went out of its way to make it hard for people to figure out what they owned, but had a vested interest in helping commercial traders.

Abilities (Active)

Visit the Map Room in the Bureau of Records (Ability)

Visitors to the Map Room can usually earn about 30 pims by successfully copying maps for travelers, merchants' guilds, and lazy academics.  Success requires an Intelligence /Cartography Roll v. 7, and also grants 1 Step Expansions to Observation and to Illustration.

Unlocked by

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