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Marc Sury

Marc Sury

College: Vernin

Familiar: Gimmal the Treasure Chest Tortoise

Marc’s father is a jeweler, but, as is often the way of things in the magical world, his work is much more than it seems. Marc, having idolized and followed his father’s work all his life, is already a reasonably accomplished craftsman. He specializes in the production and shaping of rings. He’s not yet skilled at imbuing the rings with any useful abilities, but he’s always practicing. He spends much time in the school’s basement, playing around in the foundry. Most students are too scared to go down there, as it’s not exactly safe, but Marc appreciates the solitude. It allows him to secretly practice his singing.

Ability: Apprentice Jeweler[]

Marc spent his childhood in the light of his father's forge, and he comes to the Academagia with built-in Increases to his skill with Clockwork (+1) and Jewelry creation (+2) as a result. Ironically, though, close calls with magical fire as a very young boy have actually Decreased his Courage (-1); he's seen the worst that can happen when human flesh hits red-hot metal, and he doesn't want to see it again.

Clique Ability: Expert at the Anvil[]

Having Marc Sury for a friend means having all the support at a forge you could ever want. Just call him in to help out - your skill as a Jeweler, your working knowledge of Metallurgy, and your raw Courage will all be Increased by two points for three days. [Your knowledge of Famous Songs will also be Increased by 1; Marc has some surprising ways of making the time pass while metals head toward their ideal temperatures.]


Arithmetic, Athletics, Dialectic, Enchant, Grammar, Revision

Good skills[]

Courage, Drafting, Jeweler, Metallurgy

Base Attributes[]

Fitness: 1, Finesse: 3, Charm: 1, Strength: 5, Intelligence: 2, Insight: 1, Luck: 2

Personality Preferences[]

Likes: Expand Jeweler, Expand Forge, Expand Drafting, Inform - The Forge

Dislikes: Expand Spy, Expand Sleight-of-Hand


  • Ringmastery (Forge, Jeweler)
  • Academic Success (Study)
  • Familiarize the Familiar (Bond and Familiar)
  • Know the School (Explore)
  • Better the College, PLUS (Merit and Relationships - Vernin; Parental Approval)

Adventure: Picking on the Meek[]