Region: The City of Mineta

Change of Location: 0


Register at Master Whip's Studio (Active)

Registering at Master Whip's Studio is something of an ordeal. It's not just a matter of being willing and able to pay 400 pims, though that's certainly a prerequisite; you also have to demonstrate to the master's satisfaction that you have the talent and drive to succeed under his direction. (In mechanical terms, that means succeeding at a Fitness/Dance Roll v. 11). If you succeed, you'll earn a Skill Step at both Dance and Concentration in one agonizing go - as well as a point of Stress - and you're permitted to pay the entrance fee and move on to real training.

Whip's Studio (Active)

A training session at Master Whip's Studio will Expand your Dance, Satyric Revelry, Endurance, and Famous Songs Subskill by 1 Step each; there's also a very small chance (4%) that it'll Expand both your Fitness and your Charm by a point.


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