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Region: The City of Mineta[]

Chance of Discovery: 0[]

Short in stature but giant in ability, Galen Whip is the best dance instructor on the island, hands down.  By refusing to take any who are not worthy of his instruction, Master Whip guarantees a loyal following.  


Register at Master Whip's Studio (Active)[]

Registering at Master Whip's Studio is something of an ordeal. It's not just a matter of being willing and able to pay 400 pims, though that's certainly a prerequisite; you also have to demonstrate to the master's satisfaction that you have the talent and drive to succeed under his direction. (In mechanical terms, that means succeeding at a Fitness/Dance Roll v. 11). If you succeed, you'll earn a Skill Step at both Dance and Concentration in one agonizing go - as well as a point of Stress - and you're permitted to pay the entrance fee and move on to real training.

Whip's Studio (Active)[]

A training session at Master Whip's Studio will Expand your Dance, Satyric Revelry, Endurance, and Famous Songs Subskill by 1 Step each; there's also a very small chance (4%) that it'll Expand both your Fitness and your Charm by a point.

Unlocked by[]