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Glass-blown and fairly fragile, this phial comes with a small fitted piece of cork that keeps liquids in. Because of its highly concealable nature, this phial is often home to all kinds of draughts and poisons that can help or hinder when used at the right time. Medium Phials hold twice the amount of liquid that a Small Phial could, yet only the correct sized phial should be used in a recipe. Be sure to use a Small Phial if the recipe calls for one; doing otherwise would cause a failure just as surely as using a Small Phial in a recipe calling for a Medium Phial would

Item Type[]


Durability Type: Durable

Durability: 5

Size: 0

Concealability: 0

Worth: 10

Recipe Information[]

Quality: 0

Enchant Skill: Brew

Gained From[]