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You haven't been studying and there's an Exam around the corner. You need to shove as many usful facts into your short-term memory as possible - with a successful Insight/Concentration Roll v. 5, you can do just that, performing Memory Tricks that increase your Study Level in choice of Class and Skill Level in choice of Parent Skill by 2 points each, and Expand your skill at raw Memorization by 1 Step along the way. If you time it right, it'll get you through a test - even if it cost you 2 point of Stress.


  • Increase Study level of Choice +2
  • Increase Subskill +2 (described as increasing Parent Skill but actually only lets you choose a Subskill)
  • Expand Memorization +1
  • Expand Stress +2

Action Types[]

  • Academic

Duration: 18[]

Unlocked By[]