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Using this Spell you can make contact with your enitire Clique, giving news, receiving well-wishes and generally staying in touch. If you succeed at a roll of (Fitness/Incantation vs 4), you and all your closest friends gain a 2 point increase to Coordination for six days. More powerful castings (Fitness/Incantation vs 7) will reduce the Stress of every member of your Clique by 1 point. Using this spell before there are members in your Clique will still allow the beneficial effects to take place.

Message of the Winds, and its variants are taught by very few because of the the dangers of incorporating elements which can locate those party to the Spell. Nonetheless, it is a useful way to send speedy communications to a known target. Famously used by the Ceadan Corps of Signals, until the famed spy Ringolt devised a means to intercept the Spell.


Fitness/Incantation vs 4:

Fitness/Incantation vs 7:

Action Types


Spell Types



Parental Approval


Wind (Pheme)

Thought (Pheme)

Duration: 36

Unlocked by

Background: Family: Wizards