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Region: The City of Mineta[]

Chance of Discovery: 10[]

Easy to find, hard to get into...that's the motto of Mettonal's Liquid Shop.  Plenty of people know where this shop is, but only the foolish go in here without express written permission or a very good concealment spell.  Those who safely make it into this shop without being spotted will have the luxury of purchasing items from it, whether or not they are actually capable of doing anything with the items they purchase.


Visitors to Mettonal's Liquid Shop will have a greater better Chance of Success (+33%) at any attempt to make themselves Fit Against Poison for the duration of their visit.  [Characters who don't know that Action have fewer incentives to hang around.]  Once you've found the place, of course, you can also safely shop here.


Item Description Price
Breath of the Bat Charm -2 690
Cloud of Disdain Charm -2 800
Bee Sting 2 Damage, 1 Stress 34
Serpent's Kiss Strength -1 328
Red-Viper Venom Concentration, Courage, Willpower -1 197
Gelatin Capsule - 1
Aetherial Poisonous - 75
Dragon's Tongue 2 Damage 253

Unlocked By[]