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This is a guide cribbed from the Black Chicken site posting by Mikka and a few others.

Mikka’s very quick guide to all adventure pre-requirements, so you don’t have to spoil yourself in the modtools to see what you need to pick up in order to get them open for you. Hurray!

Notes from Mikka[]

  • If I say you need relationship 3+ or Practical Jokes 3+, that means three or above. Pretty simple. If I say you need 2 or less, then you need 2 or less. That is also pretty simple!
  • Quite a few adventures involving either college, skill, or course don’t start till Pramidi (or the third week of the school year, at least). I didn’t note those down, as most people aren’t doing much besides tutorial adventures then, anyway - only if it doesn’t start till Gelamenus did I note it. So if you have the requirements for an adventure and don’t see it popping up, wait till the start of Gelamenus. If it’s still not there, yell at me.
  • I am very opinionated and sarcastic when it comes to some adventures. Make note of that. For most of it, it's out of love - I do adore the Aranaz GRR towards Durand, who does not care, save for Lambert... the Avila thing is the only one that actually bugs me, and it doesn't bug me nearly as much as I act like it does. Also, many adventures have half-assed ‘stuff happens’ or ‘title says all’ notes. This is because I have yet to do the adventures, and didn’t want to spoil myself on them too much: I would just read the first note for adventures I haven't done, no more.
  • Also. Everyone has one selected adventure that triggers a duel (be it immediately or in a few weeks) if you Declare Vendetta and have them at low enough Relationship. I didn’t note them, as generally, you don’t have that many Vendettas going on at once that it’s too difficult to figure out which duel belongs to who. And if you actually do, then, well, you check them. I already did that once.
  • There are, according to DLC 11, 12, 13 six, seven and then seven again new adventures that are thus not in the mod tools. One of them is certainly balloon-day, which is triggered on a date late in the year in the fashion of the Dance-of-Fools. That leaves nineteen to discover: I’ve noted the ones that I’ve found in the last section. As we can’t check the prereqs, we have to rely on peering at it suspiciously and guessing.
  • This list will be upgraded as much as possible, especially when a new DLC comes out. It will certainly be upgraded every five DLC's, when we get a mod tools.


The Main Adventure[]

You can only play through exactly 1 out of the 5 adventures below; they all allow you to play through the main plot of Year 1 from different viewpoint. You cannot change side once you had progressed far enough, and it will have (presumably) significant consequences for the next game. Note that it is not mandatory to participate in this adventure.

  • A Meeting at the Tavern; with the Captain of the Mineta Guard, fight Pirates and Thieves!
  • In Search of Rumors of Pirates; with pirate captain Kaidlette, fight the Guard and... was it other pirates, or thieves? Hm.
  • A Note from the Headmaster (Luck 4+); with the headmaster, fight pirates (sort of), Ilaro (a lot), and the really bad guys (but not too much)!
  • Academagia Under Attack! (Sima, Magsa, and Tabin must all be 3+); with three crazy kids, fight pirates, Illaro, bad guys, and who knows what else!
  • A Reward for a Job Well Done; with noted rogue Ilaro, fight Guards, the Legate, your fellow students, some bad guys, and then get ripped off because Ilaro’s a cheapstake. Of course, you’re sort of a jerk for doing all that, so can you really complain? (IMPORTANT NOTE: It's not till the third or so Illaro adventure step that you're confirmed to be on Illaro's side. So you may see the other options still available at that point. If you pick one, though, you'll be pulled on to that track immediately, and Illaro's adventure will disappear to not-able-to-be-done land. So make your choices and don't try to get around the restriction.)

College Specific[]


  • A Visit to the Observatory; in which Astrology leads you to a treasure, if only you can figure out how to work your telescope.
  • (must be female, Cinzia 3+) – The Matter of Avila; in which College Avila gets no respect, but some investigating may very well change that. Bonus for the Regent lecturing you on your love life.
  • (must be female, Cosetta -1 or BELOW) – The Rude Lady; in which you get accosted and find yourself working with Cosetta to find a solution to an astrological mess-up).
  • (must be male, have the background Prodigy: On the Prowl, Flirting 4+ and Courage 3+) - The Pit(t)s!; in which your character acts like a creepy scumbag and is totally gross. Also, you get a new roommate.
  • (must have completed The Pit(ts)) - Making Friends with the Pitts; in which you are slightly less creepy, but still sort of scumbagish, and you investigate below the Avila tower to find some interesting discoveries.


(Sometimes non-Aranaz students can access this adventure due to a bug)

  • The Door (may require triggering by visiting the Cold Room, via any of the three means); in which Carmine is a bit of a jerk, but you get to make friends with ghosts, so it’s all good.
  • The Sphinx Syndicate; in which the one-sided rivalry against Durand isn’t quite as one-sided as usual (but ‘quite’ doesn’t mean much, all things considered): also, MALLEN STARRRRRRRR. Oh, and a secret society. But mostly MALLLENNNN STARRRRRR.


  • A Convocation of Lions; in which you get involved in not one, but two, secret societies and their play against each other. Also, Aranaz’s rivalry is still notably one-sided. Keep trying, guys!
  • A Story about Pirates; in which there are a lot of pirates on campus. With some encouragement from an upperclassman, you put yourself in the middle of it, much to Orsi's displeasure.
  • A Visitor; in which the Regent has some regrets from her younger years, and you find yourself helping her to move past them - and survive them.
  • An Invitation to Serve the Regent; in which you investigate the dastardly Ambassador of Pregoria for your Regent, despite her lack of recruiting you for such a mission.
  • (Magsa 5+) - Magsa Nembo's New Friend; in which there is a dwarf in the bathroom. No, seriously. Also, Aranaz-vs-Durand.
  • Professor Briardi's Address; in which you fight pirates on Professor Briardi’s behalf, but there is an extreme and sad lack of pancakes.


  • Enter the Work Force; in which you become a working gal/guy, only not in the vastly inappropriate way. It’s delivering service, delivering service!
  • Godina's East Tower; in which you and your friends investigate the mystery that is the lonely tower. But not the other lonely tower. There is no Vernin involved, but some Gates.
  • Tempting Signs; in which you, brave warrior of Godina, quest to take your place as one of the awesome, the unique, the totally cool ELEMENTAL WARRIORRRRSSSS!
  • (Athletics or Running 2+) - The Long Run; in which the Regent sends you to climb mountains, and you learn a detailed lessons on luck.
  • (Running 1+) – The Nearest Shortcut; in which you get stuck in the middle of a mage duel... I think. May be confusing this with the Morvidus adventure.


  • A Knock on the Door; In which you get to join Hedi’s secret society. Maybe.
  • A Timely Warning; in which Rui gets in over his head with Philippe and brothers, and you constantly find yourself stuck in the middle.
  • A Formal Invitation; in which, as Innocence, you judge the guilty! … Kinda. Actually mostly about love lives and odd illusions.
  • Another Round as Innocence (continued from the A Formal Invitation); in which there’s a second round, for better or worse, along with a followup. Sort of the same adventure as the one above, actually. Not sure if I should have separated them.
  • An Itch in Your Head; in which you discover a map, and... I don't know. There's a lot of adventures about maps, has anyone noticed that?
  • Els' Reprimand; in which your college would be so respectable and reasonable compared to the others if there wasn’t a kleptomaniac around.
  • Piaxenda's Request; in which the fact that his fellow Professors are arguing is depressing the nice Regent, so you attempt to set things right.
  • The Cave; in which you have a dream that won’t stop haunting you, and attempt to catch the source.


  • A Day in Zoology; in which you and one of your fellow Morvidus students team up to do something related to their own specialties in a fun (?) 'get-to-know-your-college-mates sorta’ way.
  • (no rivalry with Philippe, Competition 4+) – Cart Boy's Runner; in which Phillippe recruits you for help, sort of. Very scary! Hint: say yes or it's over.
  • (Practical Jokes 2+) - In Professor Storey's Sights; in which Professor Storey wants you to train a lizard. A not-very-nice one. I’m sure it’ll go splendidly! (It actually does.)
  • Familiar Distress; in which you get caught in a fight between two strong-willed adults and have to figure out the truth as they spin different stories.
  • Morvidus Plans an Outing; in which you and your college friends go out to find the animals, and have a bit of trouble with that.
  • (Hector 1+) - Rumors of Witches and Evil Intentions; in which Philipe is spreading some interesting rumors, and you assemble a group of friends to go investigate them.
  • Studies in Hunger; in which hunger leads you to the Topiary Garden, and the secrets and mysteries hidden there.
  • The Shop: in which a lonely girl makes with the clockwork in her father's name. Be constantly nice for an easy result (very few neccessary rolls) and reward, and a feel-good happy ending.


  • A Chance at Extracurricular Activities; in which a shopkeeper would like thieves to stop exploiting him, darn it. You help.
  • In Service To Vernin; in which Professor di Lucca Alazzo could use some items acquired and delivered, and he thinks you’re the right student for the job. Lucky you.
  • The Incredibly Unfortunate Ruling; in which you break it, you make it. Fixing up the statue of Pal for fun and profit!... or at least a bit of dedication.
  • The Keystone; in which the second step involves a possibility of you extorting 400 pims from Rui. And there’s both Gates and Mastery involved. Best adventure ever, maybe not, but one of my favorites.
  • The Pedestal and the Book; in which you have a dream that leads you to a pretty sweet reward.
  • Your Legend Grows; in which you join a secret society… if you have the edge they need.

Adventuring With Your Familiar[]

  • Bat - The Curiosity of the Vampire; in which you have a bat for a familiar! Hurray!
  • Cat – The Discovery of a Secret Text; in which you and kitty go investigating a unique page kitty discovered and get in far over your heads.
  • Chameleon – Bored; in which you do Chameleon-ish stuff. I guess.
  • Carnivorous Plant - The Carnivorous Komodo Plants; in which you investigate how your plant works (hint: it likes meat) in the hope of academic credit and bonding with your familiar.
  • Dog - The Mystery in the Bushes; in which you and Dog are tasked with tracking someone who doesn’t wish to be tracked.
  • Faux Dragon - Worried Student, Sneezing Dragon; in which your poor dear familiar has a cold.
  • Ferret – Where's the Ferret?; In which Ferret is missing, or something.
  • Fish - A Longing for the Waters of Home; in which Fish wants to visit some of his old friends back in the lake. Or river. I forget which.
  • Hawk - The Dive to the Canal of Snows; in which a clue is dropped, someone is imprisoned, and you and your hawk are the ones to figure out the secrets.
  • Hedgehog - Spend the Day Training With Your Hedgehog; in which… um, you train the hedgehog?
  • Lizard - Your New Lizard Friend; in which the weather can be as much friend as it is foe, but today it’s leaning ‘foe’- thankfully, Lizard is there!
  • Mole - The Speechless Mole; in which Mole… can’t talk? I dunno.
  • Muffler - Getting to Know Your New Familiar; in which the title probably says it all.
  • Monkey - The Strange Jersey; in which you and Zorzi should trade familiars, as they would really get along great. Rimbalin' monkey, yo!
  • Pamela - A Strange New Acquaintance; in which Pamela gets in your way as you attempt various daily tasks, but you learn to live with her. Hopefully.
  • Porcupine - Find a Way to Pay for Entrance into the Town Fair; in which Porcupine and you decide to take in the town fair. … I like titles that explain themselves!
  • Owl - Set Out to Train With Your Owl Familiar; in which you and Owl go training. Or so it says.
  • Rat - A Lazy Day in the Forest; in which I am betting a million pims that it turns out to be not all that lazy.
  • Shade - The Magnificent Hum of the Shade; in which your Shade makes a lot of humming noises, and something bad gets summoned.
  • Snake - The Secret Passage; in which…you find a secret passage? Probably.
  • Spider - The Professors' Gossip and a Revelation; in which there is gossip and keys and I really haven’t done this one either.
  • Sprite - By the Light of your Wand; in which hunting fireflies leads you and Sprite in to a war between the fae.
  • Strange Doll - Dexter Marchant and the Strange Doll (this is actually triggered on the first day of school, but the rest of the adventure has to be selected); in which she just wishes to help you. Really. Slight yandere tendencies included.
  • Turtle - The Annual Academagia Turtle Race; in which your turtle needs to win! Win, I say, win!
  • Toad - The Toad King's Disappearance; in which the Toad King is gone, and you and Toad investigate.

Your Familiar Adventures Without You[]

  • Familiar: As Dinner Ends with an Unpleasant Surprise; Bat does stuff!
  • Familiar: The Chameleon Longs for New Tricks; Chameleon’s title describes Chameleon’s adventure! I think.
  • Familiar: The Horrifying Revelation; Carnivorous Plant will save her fellows from your cannibalistic (???!!!) horrifying and inhumane eating tendencies, just you wait!
  • Familiar: What's That Waking You From Your Sleep?; Kitty finds a rat, then rats find kitty. Who will prevail?
  • Familiar: Insecurity Bites; Dog wants to remind you that he loves you, very very very very verrryyy much. He wishes you’d notice how much he loves you a bit more often, though.
  • Familiar: The Faux Dragon's Predicament; Faux Dragon wants to learn to be like the dragons of old. Sadly, Faux Dragon neglects to inform you of this plan, which is probably a really horrible idea.
  • Familiar: A Ferret's Curiosity Is Never Quenched; Ferret does stuff!
  • Familiar: The Solitary Confinement of a Fish; Fish is a bit bored just hanging around in the tank, so he decides to do some kick-ass awesome stuff and be the most adorable fish everywhere. For fish-kind, fight-oh, Elephant! … I find this adventure totally adorable, even if it may not be the best in stats and all that crap.
  • Familiar: A Reward for Your Majesty; Hawk’s royal nature compels him to investigate his new surroundings, leading to him stumbling upon a most horrible plan. Can he unite his fellow birds against this grave threat in time?
  • Familiar: The Call of a Prophecy?; Hedgehog does stuff, which includes ex-girlfriends, the little people, generically evil plots, and lots of reunions.
  • Familiar: Inspiration Comes While Swinging to a Different Beat; Monkey just wants to dance, but everyone keeps harshing her mellow, man.
  • Familiar: Eating to a Different Beat; Muffler is in the mood to eat. So he does.
  • Familiar: An Evening Flight; Owl stumbles upon a figure that may mean great danger to the Academagia. How can he deal with it? How can he convince others of the danger?
  • Familiar: A Matter of Finance; Platypus wants to do you a favor! But this whole pims thing is a bit confusing. Also, turtles.
  • Familiar: The Inviting Kitchen; Porcupine investigates? I dunno.
  • Familiar: A Time for Companionship; Rabbit of extreme cuteness (but not of the girly kind, of course) seeks mate. Is intelligent, familiar to a highly competent wizard, and rather charming. Enjoys long hops on the beach.
  • Familiar: The Shade's Ball; Shade is going to the ball! Instead, he finds intrigue. And gets a lot of his people killed for the sake of one girl. Way to go, Shade.
  • Familiar: Spotting New Prey; Snake meets Mongoose and they fight, fight, fight, before they learn the value of working together and do a rival turned friendship. Maybe. A rattle is involved.
  • Familiar: The Lonely Doll; Strange Doll is very lonely. Aww. Pay more attention to her, main character, you jerk! Still, she finds some other friends.
  • Familiar: A Croak of Distress; Toad learns that Toads are going missing! And only he can find out, how, why, and hopefully rescue them!
  • Familiar: The Threat of Pink Ribbons; Rabbit does not want to be girly-cute, you see. He does, however, want to beat the fox.
  • Familiar: Making the Rounds of the Academy; Rat is after some cheese. Anyone surprised?
  • Familiar: Just Looking for a Place to Relax; Lizard just wants to nap. Then stuff happens. Yep.
  • Familiar: A Relative's Call for Help; Mole’s relative needs help! Yup.
  • Familiar: The Solitary Life of a Spider; Spider explores and makes friends. Very sweet. Also: yup.
  • Familiar: A Nap Disturbed; Sprite is caught by a child who believes a sprite can grant her three wishes. She actually turns out to be correct in a way, much to Sprite’s disappointment.
  • Familiar: Slowest of Slow Pokes; Turtle and his friend go investigate a pirate ship. Silly turtle.

Helping Your Fellow Students[]

These adventures are marked as Student Adventure in the toolset

  • Alan (4+) - The Hunt for Treasure; in which you go treasure hunting, which is the basis for everything involving Alan.
  • Amada (3+) - The Pitiful Sobs Can't Be Ignored; in which Amada’s insecure about having any worth besides the color and shine of her hair, so she decides to… buy fancier dresses. Yep!
  • Ana Flavia (4+) - The Disaster Looks for a Cure; in which Ana believes she’s cursed, and recruits you to help figure it out.
  • Asmita (4+) – In Search of a Decent Meal; in which the crappy food at the Academagia leads to you trying to bum a meal or two off Asmita.
  • Ausdauer (3+) - Startling Observations; in which Ausdauer has figured out something that’s sort of bugging her. Half-hearted indeed.
  • Aveline (5+) - Aveline the Neat Freak; in which Aveline does, apparently, want something clean. Like the school.
  • Avgust (4+, no rivalry): Confiding in a Friend - A Call to Adventure; No one has the heart to be honest and let him know how boring he is. Then you guys embark on a not-so-boring adventure.
  • Aymeri (4+) - Caught in the Middle of a Rivalry; in which Aymeri seeks out an Aranaz-vs-Durand adventure, and sort of gets one. Curse you, Lambert!
  • Basia (2+) - A Plot to Stay on Top; in which Basia offers to help you get a good grade in exchange for your help in getting her TEH top spot. Sadly, as you can spam Cleanse and Remake and she can’t, her plan is likely doomed to failure, but let her have her tiny victories.
  • Beatrix (3+) - The Future of the Imperial Reserve's Animals; in which Beatrix is likely worried about the title subject. Need to add her to my list of students to befriend.
  • Cante (4+) - A Meeting Amongst The Potions; in which Cante enlists your help in some potion-making. Also, I don’t think he gets drunk. A plus?
  • Carmine (4+) - Help Wanted: Student for Sneaky Industry; in which Carmine will 'graciously' allow YOU to join HIS cool group of sneakiness if you run through enough hoops for him. Option to shove him down a well somewhere sadly not offered.
  • Caspar (5+) - The Library's Astonishing Picture; in which a search for inspiration leads you in to investigating ‘living’ paintings.
  • Catherine (4+) - "Cleaning" Up Academagia; in which Catherine most kindly (and most seriously) would prefer for all these useless stinky gross poor people to get out of her lovely school, thank you very much.
  • Cinzia (4+) - A Demand For Your Attention; in which Cinzia has found something that interests her, and grudgingly needs your help with the investigation.
  • Cirillo (2+) - Cirillo Laziosi's Gamble; in which Cirillo wants a ‘partner’ whose not afraid to do a bit of gambling, but mostly both of you just end up in the middle of a lot of chaos and excitement.
  • Cordelia (6+) - A Mind for Repairs; in which Cordelia seeks to repair one of the school's clocktowers without wondering how it got broken in the first place, leading to problems. Surprise!
  • Corradin (5+) - The Search for Deception; in which the rich-boy doesn’t want to follow your plebeian rules, and is thus after an artifact that will help him not have to. You can come along. He supposes.
  • Cosetta (5+) - The Prank Society's Offense; in which Cosetta does not approve of the Prank Society and is going to break their souls and EAT THEM. Or at least get them suspended..
  • Courtenay (3+) - Disaster in the Heavens; in which disaster is coming, or so says the stars, and your help is requested to stop that. Only the stars are unfortunately being a bit vague about the whole thing.
  • Cyrus (2+) - The Charming Plan of Cyrus Dawes; in which Cyrus wants to manipulate various woman in order to try and find the perfect way of ‘charming’ them, but he’s still less creepy then the Avila male player-character. Huh.
  • Durand (4+) - The Pursuit to Finish a Spell; in which there are ghost pirates in the way of Durand finishing his super cool spell. As well as a bunch of other annoyances.
  • Eduard (3+) - A Dangerous Excursion; in which the excursion is unauthorized, and thus dangerous. I think.
  • Eliana (3+) - Eliana's Retreat; Eliana wants somewhere to hang out when she’s off on the grounds playing with the flowers.
  • Els (2+) - The Demanding Ms. Els; in which she figures out there's a hermit living in the woods, and decides that's just not going to do, dragging you along to play social-worker.
  • Emilia P (6+) - Out of Charm; in which Emilia wants help in creating her perfume so everyone she still likes her. Or maybe it’s ‘in which she wants help in reinforcing her Mastery spell to take over the world and make everyone happy, loving, cheerful golden people’. Really depends on who you’re talking to.
  • Emilia S (4+) - The Weary Library; in which Aranaz vs Durand is the name of the game, and Emilia is going to teach the world not to mess with her and her college.
  • Everwine (4+) - Everwine's Special Parchment; in which Everwine seeks to bring a drawing to life, which is probably less interesting than the Cthulhu mythos, but also probably makes more sense.
  • Flore (5+) - Tarnishing Her Reputation; in which Flore wants a reputation as a bad girl. As in troublesome, not as in whatever just popped in your head. Shame on you.
  • Girars (2+) - A Friend of the Animals; in which Girars likes animals so much he’s morally conflicted by the use of them as familars. Sadly, giving him Pamela and taking his rabbit is not an option.
  • Grainne (5+) - Plot of the Gossip Queen; in which the plot is supposedly about trying to get more gossip for Grainne, but when I did it, it was mostly about being the slave to some jerk upperclassman. I suggest taking the other option where you build it yourself.
  • Gwendy (4+) - The Disappointing Hunters; in which Gwendy’s under a lot of pressure from her family to go hunt something awesome, so with your help, she goes and does. The trouble comes afterwards.
  • Hector (2+) - The Amazing Wadsworth; in which that owl may or may not be evil, but Hector wants your help in investigating the truth.
  • Herbert (3+) - The Well of Obsession; in which Herbert found a well? And he hears voices coming from it (isn't Sheary's event about Magsa being trapped in a well?). So he's acting a bit obsessive. Still sounds bemusing.
  • Honors (5+) - Seeking Perfection in Honors; in which the nice girl thinks her poetry sucks and is lacking in inspiration, so the two of you head to the city to see if you can find any for her.
  • Irene (1+, Muffler familiar unwelcome!) - Irene's Demanding Loyalty; in which all she wants to do is protect her friends from gossip, but it gets more and more complicated the more she tries.
  • Isabeau (4+) - The Discovery of a Passageway; in which someone is stealing from the students of Hedi, and Isabeau is on the case! …Yeah. It goes exactly how you would think.
  • Iustus (6+) - Disturbing Sleep; in which narcolepsy is not funny, and when it comes to magic, it can be sort of scary.
  • Jere (3+) - The Day Planner; in which Jere wants help helping others. There may be some mimicking.
  • Joana (2+) - The Bully Searches for an Invite; in which Joana is going to the dance with Philippe. The fact that he is not yet aware of this is meaningless in the grand scheme of things, not that it should surprise you.
  • Katja (5-7+) - An Unhappy Note; in which the musician is afraid her lack of magic skills is going to lead to her being flunked out. The two of you work together to help her avoid such a fate.
  • Katja (?4+) Katja's Request - she wants to visit the Temple of Arcadius and drags you along. Separate from her main adventure, I think.
  • Kurt (4+) - The Burden of a Special Son; in which Kurt is under a lot of pressure for being the only wizard in his line. Sadly, bugs have hit me each time I’ve tried this adventure. Think they’re all fixed by now.
  • Lambert (5+) - Map Mischief; in which I am profoundly disappointed by the lack of Aymeri. Apparently, it involves maps and tunnels. But no Durand vs Aranaz. Boo!
  • Leopold (2+) - The Story of Leopold; in which your friend has a past that’s quite a bit mysterious. Sadly, everyone’s heard the spoiler by now, but it’s fun doing it if you can pretend you don’t know it.
  • Llarina (3+) - A Muttering Matter; in which Llarina is driving everyone nuts by her habit of constantly talking, so she seeks a companion that can constantly talk back. …Pretty simple, there.
  • Luti (5+) - Setting the Artist Free; in which Luti doesn’t want to be what his father demands: he wants to be an artist. …Whenever I make friends with him, I just have to do this one. It’s one of those truly feel-good sorts of adventures. Go, Luti! Chase your dreams!
  • Magsa (0+, Botany 3+) - The Finicky Plant; in which you get begged for help with extra credit for each class Magsa takes - extra credit that never gets assigned to you, I must note. The world is full of jerks.
  • Magsa (6+; note that the above is Magsa’s 'main adventure' - this could technically go here or in miscellany, but considering the high friendship requirement, I shrugged and put it here) - Magsa's Got a New Project; in which there are no plants, no dwarves, and no homework or extra credit. There are, however, a mystery, goblins, rangers, daggers, and necklaces.
  • Mairgrete (2+) - Mairgrete's Missing Familiar; in which kitty is missing, and then kitty found other kitties to chill with, and then Mairgrete decides she's going to go chill with the kitties.
  • Malacresta (6+) - A Sick Friend; in which your friend isn’t doing that well, and the illness is mysterious, and thus you go out of your way to try and help. If that description reminds of you of another adventure, I’m doing this right.
  • Malthezar (3+) - The Genealogy Project; in which Mhadi wants to investigate his lineage and past, but is having a bit difficulty doing so, so you help and there's a few interesting revelations.
  • Marc (3+) - Picking on the Meek; in which singing to yourself while working apparently disturbs fire elementals. May want to watch out for that.
  • Milena (5+) - Milena's Tutoring Service; in which someone selling test-answers means they need to be BURNT TO THE GROUND by Milena's command. Oh, and by ethics's command, too. But mostly hers.
  • Montague (6+) - A New Country; in which apparently Montague wants to invent his own country. How awesome is that?
  • Neso (4+) - Shy, Timid, Neso; in which Neso's shyness has some roots in his magic. You aim to solve it.
  • Neta (5+) - The Object of Desire; in which Neta is sick of being chased by boys and needs your help to get them to leave her alone, but I find it vastly hard to be sympathetic, considering her former actions.
  • Noemia (5+) - Gossip Roulette; in which some students are trying their hand at blackmail. You beg for Noemia’s help, and she proves a surprisingly good partner in the investigation. (Also, if you squint, a tiny bit of Aranaz-vs-Durand one-sided rivalry once again! Hurray!)
  • Olivia (5+) - Shaping Her Destiny; in which Olivia thinks if she can solve a statue’s riddle, Cyrus will like her. You get roped in to helping her with that.
  • Oriabel (3+, Pamela unwelcome!) - The Collision in the Hallway; in which Oriabel wants to see a ghost. She really, really, really wants to see a ghost. As usual, you get roped along.
  • Philip (4+) - The Endless Class and the Studious Student; in which you work with Philip for an extra-credit project, during which he is both the best partner ever and impossible beyond belief.
  • Philippe (2+) - Run Down by Philippe; n which Philippe is being blackmailed, and he is anything but happy about it. He demands your assistance in righting such a wrong.
  • Philippe (0 or LESS: this is the mean adventure) – Rules of Engagement; in which Philippe pisses you off, so you decide to do something about it. Mostly just you causing Philippe distress, not that there's anything wrong with that.
  • Piccolet (5+) - The Not-So-Jolly Giant; in which Piccolet got scammed. Aww. You help, with some sidetracking.
  • Prudence (3+) - The Talented Misfit; in which Prudence wants to start a group and make a gathering for those who don’t belong, but sadly does not name her group Misfits Woe.
  • Raoul (4+) - A Traitor in Aranaz; in which Raoul is always getting picked on by his college-mates and he seriously doesn’t approve, so he decides he’s going to get himself a bodyguard. Sadly, there are no castles guarded by dragons.
  • Reitz (2+) - The Bad Boy's Bluster; in which Reitz is a tiny little jerkface (I warned you! Don’t be surprised!), but together you solve Celsus’ Maze, so it’s a fun adventure if you have the time. Still: jerkface!
  • Rikildis (3+) - The Unfathomable Grade; in which your friend gets a bad grade and practically explodes in rage which leads to some really bad decisions on her part. Also, Aranaz vs Durand. Currrrrse you, Lambert!
  • Rixenda (5+) - The New Subject; in which your friend wishes to paint or sculpt you, sort of. It gets a bit crazy from there.
  • Rui (4+) - Invitation to a Break-In; in which the notorious prankster has a plot and a plan, and you get pulled in. Surprise, surprise.
  • Sheary (3+) - Help for the Helper; in which Sheary wants to learn how to be PopuLAR ala Wicked. I suggest taking a few beatings from Joana in the place of another innocent Durand student, personally, but you likely have more reasonable suggestions.
  • Sigalis (6+) - Follow Her Rules; in which the girl gets no respect, so she’s going to become a monster. Her mind works in mysterious ways, that one.
  • Silke (5+) - Silke's Excitement; in which the school truly needs more glam, more excitement. Silke recruits you to be her partner in this could-be disaster.
  • Sima (2+) - The Mysterious Shiny Object; in which Sima likes shiny things. She likes them especially when you do the work of acquiring them.
  • Sima (6+) - A Summons to the Great Gate (Anedius 7 to Kaliri 1): Some annoying family friends try to rope you into babysitting. Sima might make the kid easier to deal with...
  • Tabin (4+) - The Sudden Commotion; in which Tabin’s being picked on and he recruits your help in dealing with it, but honestly, he doesn't need it. Kid has everything well at hand.
  • Tacito (5+) - The Disappearance of Grandpa Mollers; in which Tacito is finding someone. Surprise, surprise.
  • Tulia (4+) - Looking for a Lofty Position; in which Tulia wants to be a hall monitor, quite possibly because she’s insane. You get to help her with that.
  • Uliva (5+) - The Snake Girl; in which there is a snake that's going to hatch, and Uliva is incredibly interested in that. Another surprise, surprise.
  • Vettor (5+) - Making Amends with Amada (…is it still listed like that in game? If so, it needs to be bugged to Amada[??]); in which Vettor has not progressed past the ‘pull on pigtails’ stage of flirting, but Amada certainly has. You try and help them meet at the center at an upcoming dance.
  • Vincent E (4+) - Vincent's Latest Endeavor; in which there’s a scavenger hunt. Once again: yep!
  • Vincent W (5+) - The Duelist Defends His Crown?; in which Vincent’s worried about how he might choke during a duel and be embarrassed, but instead of trying a friendly private duel with a friend so he can get some practice, he instead gets himself a new wand and does magic demonstrations while still not dueling. Silly idiot.
  • Vrenelle (2+) - Fixing the Food?; In which the food is not healthy enough. It also sucks. So you and Vrenelle fix it. Adventure I am most hoping has payback in later years. XD
  • Vuillaume (3+) - The Mysterious Scholar; In which this girl is crazy, (baby,) but always amusing. ...Yeah, not much of a description. I think it starts with her almost blowing you up.
  • Zoe (3+) - Pliable Zoe?; in which you attempt to use Zoe for money, and then she attempts to use you for popularity. Ah, friendship. What a lovely thing.
  • Zorzi (5+) - Trying to Make the Team; in which Z wants to get on the Rimbal team. He wants to get on the Rimbal team *now*, in fact, by any methods necessary. You in turn play ‘sane voice of reason’.

Class Work![]

  • Arithmetic - Time to Be Counted; over seven class periods, use your noggin, compete with Basia & Catherine, and potentially Stress out ... maybe impress Professor Valenta, gain a few Skill Steps and even an Attribute point.
  • Astrology – Watching the Ships at the Docks; in which you get recruited to play an awesome game. But it’s sadly not Rimbal.
  • Astrology - A Chance encounter at the Admiratio; in which you go solving mysteries, finding treasures and fighting sky pirates.
  • Astrology - Professor Badcrumble's Curious Proposal (available after Veranix 22, no Spirit Familiar); in which, the lady is organizing a school dance, and lucky you get to help! Or bust ghosts, if you'd prefer.
  • Botany (Explore 1+) - A Mundane Mushroom; in which you get into fun adventures involving a basilisk, gnomes, hidden passageways, but not all that much botany.
  • Botany – To the Fields! In which you find an odd weed that can help you make something neat, if only you can find some more information on it.
  • Botany (must have finished To the Fields!) - Crafting the Negation Wand; the second part of the former adventure, in which you do as the adventure proclaims. Keep track of reloads for both parts, just to be careful - it’s complicated and may still be a bit buggy.
  • Calligraphy - Calligraphy Class; in which Prof. von Rupprecht sets a not-really-that-difficult task for the class; good for a Subskill and a Study Level - even impress the teacher if you do it 'right'.
  • Dialectic - Scenes From Dialectic Class (1); in which you get glimpses of what’s happening Dialectic-y, in a very well done adventure even if it is rather simple.
  • Glamour - The Painting (available after Gelamenus 1); in which you try to uncover the mystery behind a floating island being towed by an airship.
  • Glamour - Cheap Food and Rumors (Isabeau 2+); your friend is a victim of a theft, you get caught up in the whole thing.
  • Grammar - At the Stacks (Herbert 2+, no rivalry with Herbert): Help Herbert deal with bullies.
  • History - Miles to Go (Explore 1+); in which you set out to find something interesting to study, hurt your feet, and may end up finding more than intended.
  • History - A Dream for Felicitatis (Chemaire 22 only) - In which I still have no idea. =/
  • Negation – Community Service; In which Professor Briardi sends Tulia and you to deal with the idle rich and investigate a mystery. Note that the idle rich are seriously crazy.
  • Music - Music in the Open; In which you attach yourself to a group of hornblowers and pick up a few tricks.
  • Music (Violin 5+) - Curious Instruments of the Mind; In which you’ll be humming the Devil's Trill before long, if you know it. And you pick up some Violin lessons from an old student.
  • Music (Music 3 or LESS) - The Mysterious Library Book; In which you can learn to be a better musician…by a book's help, but what of the price? Do you really want a harder exam? Do you?! (You should.)
  • Revision - Pop Quiz - In which Professor A sends everyone on a Scavenger Hunt, which for me mostly ended up lying about trees unsuccessfully. Probably a nicer reward if you can complete it.
  • Revision - Revision and Danger (Study Level 4+); In which Rui goes head-to-head with Philippe once again, though this time you follow by choice before finding yourself in to the middle of it.
  • Zoology - Naming Beasts (Study Level 2+) -
  • Zoology - The Chipmunk Problem - In which you decide to explore the Imperial Reserve because, well, it's there. What other reasons do you need?
  • Zoology - Splash (Olivia 0+ and Vettor 1+); In which you and around seven others need to get out of detention, and the Legate is just screwing with you. He's quite rude sometimes.

Do You Have the Skills 2 B A Mastah?[]

  • Bassan (3+) – Language Skills; In which you are expected to translate fascinating stuff and then not investigate it, as Professor Piacenza sadly isn’t all that bright when it comes to students, despite being awesome otherwise.
  • Blackmail (2+) - You're Being Watched; In which the darker side of the force leads to YOU being blackmailed, and leaves you with a bit of frightening knowledge.
  • Danger Sense (2+, also Insight 2+, and I think this won't start till Hionosi) - Cloudy Skies; In which you have a dream. It says bad things will happen. You share this to adults, and wind up in the center of it.
  • Explore (3+) - Exploring for the Sake of... um....; In which you just sort of wander around for a while. Why not? Beware of path satyr's and crazy people on the look out for books.
  • Explore (5+) - Once Discovered...; In which a bunch of upperclassmen would like to beat you up, and there’s a evil book on the loose. Doom!
  • Explore (5+, and Patrol 5+) - Tracks to the Distance; In which you investigate the sad story of lonely ghosts, and help them find rest. I like this one.
  • Library Knowledge 4+, Research (Parent) 3+: The Thing About the Venalicium - In which you deduce that the V library has a secret built into it, and go about trying to 'unlock' it.
  • Merilien (0, note that this is thus not doable with Elegant Page background- it seems also to be forbidden to Heritage: Meril students) - A Walk in the City; In which you get involved in a mystery where everyone speaks Fr- er, Merilian and you have no idea what’s happening! It’s fun!
  • Minetan Swagger (1+) A Day in Frontino - In which your plans to see an awesome bonfire get derailed by a Romeo and Juliet subplot, completely with irrational adults.
  • Playfulness (3+) – Big Contest at the Hobby Hovel; In which there is a strategy game, and you get to play it! May also include clockwork. And gathering a posse. What's not to like?
  • Playfulness (2+): Wild Winged Horses - in which you encounter a horde of...flying horses?
  • The Temple of Arcadius (Music 4+ or Religion 3+ or Minetan Swagger 3+) - in which you get into an argument between Troubadours ('educated' musicians) and street minstrels (musicians who play popular music)
  • Vilocian (1+) - Sign Language: A Trap for Talented Plotters; In which a bunch of jerks from a rival school mock the Academagia, and you lead your upperclassmen in revenge! Or else you goof off. Either works.


  • (Took Secret Heritage Background) - The House in the Bog; In which you apprentice yourself to a Master of Forbidden Magics. Go you.
  • (Took Prodigy: On the Prowl Background)- The Magical Musical Contest; in which you don’t get the reward you wanted, but you find adventure and romance all the same. To some people's definition of romance, anyway.
  • (Took Life of Avarice Background) - A Hot Time; You dream about a red horned creature who offers you a chance at his treasure if you show off your magic or musical skills (minus Glamour as that apparently doesn't work in "dreams").

Time Sensitive[]

Adventures which cannot be started until later in the game and/or must be finished before the end of Kaliri (the last month)

  • A Dream for Felicitatis (Chemaire 22 only, History class) - In which I still have no idea. =/
  • A Summons to the Great Gate (Anedius 7 to Kaliri 1, Sima Venesico 6+) - Have not seen, but seems to be a family thing.
  • After Exams (available after mid-term exams); In which a bored Vettor decides playing pranks on your character for the day will be decent entertainment.
  • Carnage on the Fields (Gelamenus through Anedius); In which you get pulled in to a complicated and harrowing adventure and meet some fantastic creatures.
  • Good, Clean Competition (available after Gelamenus 1) - Something about a pep rally.
  • Professor Badcrumble's Curious Proposal (available after Veranix 22, Astrology class, no Spirit familiar); In which, the lady is organizing a school dance, and lucky you get to help! Or bust ghosts, if you'd prefer.
  • Racing Curfew (available after Cheimare 1) - in which you have to make curfew. Involves Rui.
  • The Job Posting (Veranix 1 to Anedius 1, excludes Cloudy Skies) - In which you get to confront the Lady of the Lake once again as Mineta deals with floods.
  • The New Girl (unavailable to Aranaz, available after Athonos 24) - a student in Aranaz has to stay in your dorm for a couple of days because she got framed for something.
  • Unwell (available after Gelamenus 1) - Have not seen, but apparently about you looking for a healer.
  • What Happens When You Break Curfew (available after Pramidi 6) - in which you break curfew, again, and end up on the rooftops of Mineta.


  • Among the Dusty Shelves – In which there are ghosts in the library, and they task you to do strange things with the help of another scholar.
  • A Book Full of Ghosts (Hedi unwelcome) – In which you read a ghost story, and get a tiny bit spooked as you investigate it thoroughly.
  • A Game, Already in Progress (Honors 5+, no friendship with Joana or Philippe) - In which you help Honors and a friend against Philippe and Joana in a strategy game, which may have a rather bizarre end.
  • A Walk in Town – In which you attempt to help someone with their legal problems, with a pretty good chance of you sending your character to the infirmary by choice via attempted suicide. It's very tragic.
  • At the Cafeteria – In which you participate in a rather low-key, easy adventure as you seek out better pie.
  • If Hearing is Believing; In which the Lady of the Lake turns out to be something of a jerk, but you get a sweet item out of the deal.
  • Just Another Day in Mineta (added in DLC 16) - A one session adventure with many phases, in which both Mastery and Gates may be used to make things easier for a student seeking a certain lady's favor.
  • Simulation Testers Needed (Godina unwelcome) – In which you help some students test out their simulator. Rather simple.
  • The Nut (Piccolet 2+, Tulia 2+) – In which you make friends with an acorn. Really. It's a bit of a jerk, too.
  • The Trip to Stazione Marittima (Requires you have to won the lottery from a random event) – In which I am hugely jealous, as I’ve never gotten this adventure. Creme notes: "A trip to a nice island. Have multiple branches that can be unrelated. You can also tag along with Mairgrete if you want."
  • The Much-Rumored Tower; In which there is a lonely tower with frozen beings that you fight. As that’s just how you roll. Done by everyone as the third or so step gives you that +1 STR sword to carry around.
  • The Wasting Sickness; In which one of your friends is sick, and you try cure him while learning about the V-library. Also, love lives of the professors. Or at least one of them.
  • The Edge of Nowhere; In which it actually is the shortest adventure. I lied. If you succeed at a not-too-hard roll, gains you a place to burn one stress point and a small bonus passive. Somewhat mysterious.
  • About That Black Snake... (must have seen the 'black snake down' event- and maybe ended it happily); You tell Uliva about how you healed the snake, and make her happy. That's, uh, it.
  • A Bump in the Road – In which there is a man who is not a man. Or so he says. He’s a bit confused.
  • Something Overheard (Luck must be less than 2) - In which you are really unlucky.
  • Just Going About Your Business (triggered in the last month, after I finished Captain-side main quest… I believe thus it’s triggered by main quest completion) – In which your efforts in stopping EVIL cause those of dubious morals to turn a rather unpleasant eye towards you.
  • Setting Up (male only, Flirting 2+, cannot know about Dimmae Theater) - In which your character hangs around to watch some upperclassman practicing their band, quite possibly because of their crush on lute girl (though it's much better done then the relations in both the Avila story and the Ghost Battler).

Evaporate's additions[]

Now that Modbase 3 has been released, I dug up a whole bunch of information about the new DLC adventures, along with some info about the old ones: Not sure which ones are from the new DLC (#15), but I've highlighted the ones that I think are new.

  • A Not So Quiet Day (available after Athonos Workshop day) - in which you have to help someone catch a thief on the rooftops of Mineta.
  • The Cleaning - upperclassmen makes you clean the common room. Not sure how to trigger this, the prerequisite for this adventure in the modtools is confusing. Maybe your college merit needs to be >= 50?
  • The Love Poems (Social Skills 3+) - you bump into someone and love poems fall out. Or something.
  • The Plan (Silke Niederstatter 1+, Herbert Downes 0+; available after Athonos 24) - cafeteria food is disgusting. Time to do something about it.
  • Cloudy Skies (Insight 2+, Danger Sense 2+) - this is the "premonition" to the Job Posting adventure. If you don't complete this by Veranix 1, you can complete The Job Posting (in which you help Mineta deal with the floods that you failed to foresee in Cloudy Skies)
  • It's Not Like You Even Meant to Hurt That Hat... (no prereqs) - New adventure in DLC 15, haven't done it yet so I'm not sure what happens.
  • Why is your Head so Fuzzy? (Aveline 0, Prudence 0) - something about adventure in a regal palace. New from DLC 15 I think.
  • A Tale of Conflict and Heroism (Rui -3 or less?) - Likely one of the new adventures, as I haven't seen this before.
  • A Dropped Letter - an underground market adventure! No prerequisites according to Modtools.

And from Schwarzbart ==

  • The Board Game (probably Playfulness 3+ , Worldliness 3+ and before Fountain Days Vernaix); you help an old man getting ingredients for a longevity potion. There is also a way to start To the Fields! (even for students not taking Botany).


Even newer adventures! From Toast:

  • The Door in the Bad Part of Town - A one-timeslot adventure in which you cooperate/compete with Lambert Cobo in some mysterious underground tunnels. Medium-high rolls, not for beginners.
  • Welcome to the Club! - A long adventure chain for big nerds who want to spend even MORE time in the library with books, books, books (and a few fellow students).
  • The Special Collections - You find an old portrait of Profs. Viada and Monetario with their friends and decide the get the whole gang back together for a party. Unfortunately, the whole gang needs a lot of favors before they'll show up.
  • Graduating Class - Available only in Kaliri. You are required to serve a senior in your last month of school and she has some demanding and questionably ethical tasks for you. Takes 10-ish timeslots and you can get many skill-ups and a point of Charm or Insight, possibly others.
  • The Wounded Turtle (Amphibians 1) A simple 2-3 timeslot adventure in which you find and help Elvie the lost turtle. If you really lucky and success the 1st step of the 2nd timeslot you gain a half price coupon for the Van Tibernius School of Mathematics. If your not so lucky there is more work involved but you can even end with a 100% discout coupon to the Van Tibernius School of Mathematics which also could be sold for 400 pims.