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Region: The City of Mineta[]

Change of Location: 5[]

The Cyclopes who work and run the Mineta Shipyards have been doing the same job for over 600 years; as such, to say they know their way around Voulnage is like saying Orso OrsI has heard of a wand but isn't quite sure how to use it. While Cyclopes are by no means telepathic, these have been working together for so long that they can practically read each other's thoughts and movements. Studying the actions of these Cyclopes as they assemble a ship is inspiring, easily accounting for the potential expansion in one's Coordination Skill.

Abilities (Active)[]

Watch the Assembly[]

At the Assembly Yard, one can gain a 1 Step Expansion to one's Coordination and Leadership subskills just by sitting back and studying the way the one-eyed overseers handle all the action.

Work Assembly[]

A shift's labor at the Assembly yard will get you a point of Damage quickly enough - but you'll also gain 30 Pims, a Skill Step in one of the many languages spoken by the yard workers (usually in the way they curse, granted), and Steps in the Brute Strength and Transport Subskill as well. You'll be sore, but it's a net win.

Unlocked by[]