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College: Godina

Familiar: Aki the Reborne Vulpes

Miya is perhaps the only student in the school who could claim herself more exotic than Mhadi, and she does so quite proudly. She's from a land so far East it lies beyond the Onyx Isles, her parents are famous smugglers chased from her homeland by the mysterious ninja, she's lived her life as a skypirate, and, oh, she's a runaway princess... or so she claims. She's quick in thought and deed, but her tongue's quicker than both, and every other sentence out of her is a fib. She calls herself a humble storyteller, but many people find her an intolerable liar, no matter how amusing her lies can sometimes be.

Ability: UNKNOWN

Miya considers the practicalities of living on a ship somewhat mundane and boring compared to the adventures at port, but they're a rather natural for her all the same. Her balance is second to none (Acrobatics +3), and she's rather skilled with Knots (+2) and Climbing (+2) as well.

Clique Ability: Smuggler's Expertise

Miya's rather colorful background (and even more colorful hobbies) have meant a lifetime of handling odd items. In turn, she's passed some of the tips of properly carrying and hiding those items over to her friends. With Miya's advice, her friends gain +2 increases to their Deceit, Conceal and Composure skills. Unfortunately they also suffer from a -2 decrease to their Ethics skill as they start to pick up a bit of her "what's yours in mine" philosophy.


Athletics, Calligraphy, Grammar, Incantation, Music, Rhetoric

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Adventure: The Tale of the Competitive Shopper