Region: Elumia Proper

Chance of Discovery: 1

More speeches are given here at the Mock Battlegrounds than battles are actually fought, probably because of the famed Resounding Stones which line a small part of the boundaries of the field. The Mock Battlegrounds are not the only place with Resounding Stones, but each place effects the Stones differently. Here, at the Battlegrounds, the Stones take the words a person says and reflects them back upon the person. If the words a person said were good, they will receive a lift in their spirits; if the words they said were poor, they can walk away thinking no less of themselves than they did when they began.


Mock Battlefields (Active)

With a successful Charm/Oratory Roll v. 5, you can gain a 4 point Increase to Confidence from your time at the Mock Battlefields; the effect last for four days.

Unlocked By

  • Discover Mock Battlefields
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