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Region: The City of Mineta[]

Chance of Discovery: 5[]

The Museum of Man is one of the few buildings involved with Natural Philosophy that isn't rundown in any fashion; in fact, the marble columns and gorgeous friezes that decorate the entrance are excellent indicators as to just how well thought of the Museum and its current curator are. The curator, Erty Chuntnib, has transformed the once formerly empty museum into a bullding fairly bursting with displays and knowledge. The chances of finding an adult looking to increase their own knowledge is greater than finding a student looking to learn something new, but Erty hopes to change that statistic one day soon; word is, he's looking to make a deal with the Academagia to get the school to allow its students to come to his Museum In lieu of detention, thus serving two purposes with one excellent shot.


Study at the Museum of Man (Active)[]

One who spends a couple hours of study at the Museum of Man will learn a bit about History (expanding a random History Subskill by 1 Step) as well as Archeology and Anthropology.

Serve as Docent (Active)[]

Any passing student can seek work as a docent at the Museum of Man, earning 25 pims and a Skill Step to both Dedication and a random History Subskill - and, unfortunately, a point of Stress as well.


Unlocked By:[]