Music in the Open
Prerequisites : Enrolled in Music
Begin Date : Unknown
End Date : Unknown
Days : Unknown
ModTools Name : Muzak Adventure
Roll Levels : Unknown
Automatic Benefits : Unknown
Possible Benefits : Unknown

This is an adventure for Music students in which the hero gets to push wind through a trumpet.

The adventure takes at least ? sessions, a successful adventure can gain multiple skill-ups, and loot.

Unlocked by: Music Class

Stage 1: Music in the Open

Phase 1: Music in the Open

  • Ignore it
Automatic:  expand Curiosity -1 SS, expand Concentration +1 SS, end adventure
  • Check it out.
Automatic:  expand Curiosity +1 SS, go to Phase 2

Phase 2: Banding

  • "Sorry, can't talk.  I'm from the Academy.  Have you seen a shadow monster roaming around here?"
Automatic:  expand Practical Jokes +1 SS, end Adventure
  • "Tell me how to do that.  right now."
Automatic:  -1 Etiquette SS, gain Enchanted Horn, access Stage 2
Success:  expand Music Theory +1 SS, go to Phase 3a
Failure:  go to Phase 3b

Phase 3a: An Offer Between Peers

  • "Sorry.  Wind instruments aren't my thing."
Automatic:  expand Diplomacy +1 SS, end adventure
  • "Heck, yes!"
Automatic:  expand Passion +1 SS, gain & inform Enchanted Horn, access Stage 2

Phase 3b:

  • You're interested!
Automatic:  expand Dedication +1 SS, gain & inform Enchanted Horn, access Stage 2
  • You'd rather be somewhere else right now.
Automatic:  ?, end Adventure?

Stage 2: An Introduction to Hornblowing

  • Say nothing.
Automatic:  ?

  • Diplomacy.  Attempt to explain yourself.  (roll v. ≤13)
Success:  expand Social Skills +1 SS, access Stage 3
Failure:  ?

Stage 3: An Absence of Drums

Phase 1: Searching in Town

  • Scouting.  Find a young woman who looks...drummer-y.  (roll v. ?)
Success:  go to Phase 2
Failure:  ?

Phase 2: Finding Sticks

  • Astrology.  Ask the stars for a hint.  (roll v. ≤20)
Success:  +25 pims, expand Animal Husbandry +1 SS, access Stage 6
Failure:  ?

Success:  ?
Failure:  ?

  • Hunting.  Set forth!  (roll v. 16)
Success: ?
Failure: ?

Stage 6: Goodbyes and Music

Success:  expand Intimidation +1 SL, expand Confidence & Music Theory +1 SS each, conclude Adventure
Failure:  ?

  • Study Habits.  Do exactly as you were taught.  (roll v. 12)
Success:  expand Confidence & Flawless Timing +1 SS, expand Intimidation +1 SL, conclude Adventure
Failure:  ?

  • Music Theory.  Think this through; if you really understand how it should work, you'll be able to pull it off.  (roll v. 16)
Success:  ?
Failure:  expand Famous Songs +1 SS, expand Satyric Revelry +1 S??
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