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Region: Imperial Reserve[]

Chance of Discovery: 2[]

Those who are ‘in tune’ enough with the Skill of Cosmetics will eventually find their way to the Nature Base Tree, a nondescript tree in the western portion of the Imperial Reserve.  Who planted the tree or how it came to be in the first place is a mystery.  Those who share their knowledge of this secret speculate that there are other trees like this in the Imperial Reserve that have different kinds of sap, but if anyone knows of such trees, they aren’t telling any tales.


Search the Nature Base Tree (Active)[]

Visitors to the Nature Base Tree will usually (95% Chance of Success) find a small bit of sap oozing from the tree’s bark; this Nature Base Tree Sap will increase a person’s Choice of Sub-skill for the skills Zoology, Natural Philosophy, and Agriculture by 2 points. And even if the stuff isn't found, the looking will Expand one's Scouting skill by 1 Step.

  • Receive Item Nature Base Tree Sap (Item)

Unlocked by[]