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With Negative Alteration of Organic Matter, Nos took her newfound wisdom of the ability to Set a person’s non-physical characteristics to create a spell with devastating effects. Negative Alteration of Organic Matter takes a victim and Sets your Choice of Subskill to 0 (for two days) with an excellent Intelligence/Theory of Revision Roll (or, at least, with a Roll great enough to overcome the target's Insight and skill with Negation Methods).


  • Damage
  • Set Choice of Subskill

Action Type

  • Affliction
  • Hostile
  • Familiar

Spell Types

  • Alteration
  • Revision
  • Familiars


Duration: 12

Duel Cost: 2

Unlocked by


This is the "Sectum Sempra" from another universe. You can do massive Damage and make s.o. fail their exams miserably at score "1", if need be with a double or triple whammy from the Stone of Revision. After a double hit most will be sent to the infirmary for the rest of the day.