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Region: Academagia Grounds[]

Chance of Discovery: 1[]

Just inside the boundaries of the Castle Downs lies Nicae’s Stepping Stone, a well known ‘secret’ Dueling Arena.  Located only minutes away from the Castle Gate, Nicae’s Stepping Stone is a chunk of rock rising out of the ground that is surrounded by a miniature gorge.  With only one way on or off the Stepping Stone, this Dueling Location encourages opponents to stay ‘Au Mouchior’ - Melee-only Duels aren't strictly required, but there are strong incentives.  As this is a physical barrier and not a magical one, this condition may not be changed at all; hence its high level of favor among Melee specialists.  


Nicae's Stepping Stone (Passive)[]

Those who duel at Nicae's Stepping Stone will have to do it in a Melee style, since there is no room to move around - or, more technically, a 75% Increase to Chance of Failure at Ranged Combat Actions and Abilities.

  • Increase Chance of Failure, Ranged Combat Actions/Abilities

Unlocked By[]