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Region: Academagia Grounds[]

Chance of Discovery: 6[]

The old stockades are just off to the side of the original observatory whose foundations were lain down by Verus. In a story less well known than that of Noemea's spear and the founding of the Academagia, the story of this old stockade is no less fascinating. A famous villain named Roth d'Exedin was fleeing from several groups of vigilantes when he came upon the wizards constructing the foundations for the Academagia. Recognizing the university for what it was, Roth threw himself at the feet of the buliders and begged for sanctuary on the premise that intellectuals should see the value of saving even the lowllest of lives. Inspired by this blatant flattery, the builders and Professors took him in, though on one condition… he accept the public humillation of being locked in a set of stockades for four days. Tasteless as this was to Roth, he accepted the conditions and immedlately set himself in the stockades. People from all walks of life came up to laugh at Roth, including the groups who had been chasing him, but he stayed In his stockades despite the fact that he could have escaped at any time. What the Professors and builders didn't know about Roth was that he was a master escape artist capable of amazing feats of illusion and physical contortions. Instead of escaping, Roth dutifully remalned in his stocks in order to earn his freedom, thus giving the stockades their well known motto "Prisoner to Freedom".


Escape the Old Stockades (Active)[]

These Stockades used to hold prisoners who had been condemned to 'public humiliation' sentences; nowadays, anyone can 'trap' themselves and try to get out. Those with a high enough Escape Artist Skill (Finesse/Escape Artist v. 6) will free themselves and earn Expansions (1 Skill Step each) to their Lock Picking, Criminal Law and Playfulness Sub Skills; those that can't will eventually be freed with no benefit or drawback.

Unlocked by:[]