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Olivia Solari

Olivia Solari

College: Avila

Familiar: Vivera the Pearldiver Ferret

If Cyrus Dawes is a work of art, Olivia Solari is a piece of work. A lovely young girl herself, Olivia has made it her quest in life to “conquer the wild stallion in Cyrus!” More than a few Academagia males have been brutally shot down by Olivia for getting in her way during her lengthy pursuit of Cyrus. If Cyrus is aware of her advances, he does a remarkably fine job hiding it. There’s no telling how far Olivia will go to nab her man. Some students think Cyrus and Olivia have a “history,” but nobody’s quite sure what happened.

Olivia is perfectly aware that Cyrus used her as a test subject for some magic technique or spell he developed. She’s positive it was something akin to a love spell, and that’s fine with her because she already loved him anyway, spell or not.

Ability: Olivia's Obsession[]

Olivia is obsessed with another student; this obsession is shown in her amazing Dedication (+5) and Passion (+5), though it has adversely affected her Concentration (-3) Skill.

Clique Ability: Romantic Pursuit[]

No matter how many times Olivia has been shot down, she keeps going; the tips she’s learned in Flirting (+2), Dating (+1), Flattery (+2), and Romance (+2) can benefit anyone who calls themselves her close friend.


Arithmetic, Astrology, Dialectic, Geometry, Glamour, Zoology

Good skills[]

Composure, Confidence, Cosmetics

Base Attributes[]

Fitness: 2, Finesse: 2, Charm: 5, Strength: 1, Intelligence: 1, Insight: 2, Luck: 1

Personality Preferences[]

Likes: Inform - Cyrus Dawes, Expand Relationship - Cyrus Dawes, Expand Conspicuousness

Dislikes: Expand Relationship - Male, Expand Geometry, Expand Explore


  • Getting Her Man (Expand Relationship - Cyrus Dawes)
  • Academic Success (Study)
  • Familiarize the Familiar (Bond and Familiar)
  • Know the School (Explore)
  • Make Friends (Befriend, Relationships)

Adventure: Shaping Her Destiny (Adventure)[]