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Region: The City of Mineta[]

Chance of Discovery: 2[]

Most musiclans' guilds welcome one and all, regardless of what language they physically speak, just so long as they can play music. Perhaps that is why this bullding calls itself an 'annex' instead; that way, they can discriminate against those who don't speak Oncestrian and not kick up a fuss from the guild. Visitors to this small brick bullding will revel not so much in its acoustics (which are relatively dreadful) but in the amazing number of people who can pack themselves into such a small space. The building itself is tiny, but the atmosphere inside is enormous. Simply hanging out here and listening to what is being sald is more than enough to advance one in the language being spoken, so long as they can think of no better way to use their time.


Oncestrian Musician's Annex (Active)[]

After a few hours of study at the Oncestrian Musicans Annex, one's knowledge of the Oncestrian language as well as one's Vocal skill and talent with a Harpsichord - will be Expanded by 1 Skill Step.

Unlocked By[]