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The Orchestrate Nightmare Action targets a character of whom you are Informed and fries their sleeping mind, Expanding Stress by a point and inflicting Fear upon him or her for a day.  It's not a nice thing to do.

In our sleep, we are utterly defenseless, Sleep opens up a realm we don’t understand, and we can’t control: the dream world. People plagued by nightmares don’t like to go to sleep. They don’t know when the nightmare will return, and after a night of restless anxiety, the images from the bad dream will haunt them as they try to go about their normal tasks for the day. If you wish to inflict mental misery on anyone, you can use the Orchestrate Nightmare Action. Orchestrate Nightmare is particularly effective if you know the person’s most private fears. Decide what images you want to afflict on the person in his sleep, and then create a nightmare. The Orchestrate Nightmare Action Adds a point of Stress and the Fear Emotional State to the target.


  • +1 Stress
  • Inflict Fear for a day

Unlocked by:[]