Parental Approval governs, how many Pims your character receives as a bi-weekly allowance.

The value is "0" at the start of the game, unless you have chosen the "Station: Wealthy" (50), "Station: Well-to-Do" (25), or "Station: Merchant" (20) options during Character Creation, and can be raised by using the Correspond (raise by 3), reaching certain levels in certain Skills or Adventures.

If you chose "Black Sheep" for your family option (which will give you back 1 Point for other options) during Character Creation your character's Parental Approval will always be "0".

Character Creation Options Affecting Parental Approval

  1. "Station: Wealthy" (50)
  2. "Station: Well-to-Do" (25)
  3. "Station: Merchant" (20)

Skill/Study Levels Affecting Parental Approval

  • +25 Parental Approval for reaching History Parent Skill Training Level 9

You Can Increase Your Parental Approval Through:

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