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Region: Academagia Grounds[]

Chance of Discovery: 2[]

Pecunia's Knoll is an old, broken down theater that everyone knows about but hardly anyone bothers to visit anymore. "Built by actors for the love of acting!" was the old slogan, but even those words remain only in the history books anymore. Over time, as newer theaters were built and the Empire began to crumble, theaters like Pecunia's fell into disuse and decay. Now little remalns but a knoll of grass and stones, suitable for naught but the skeletons who haunt the structure. Rumor around the city says that the skeletons were once actors who couldn't give up the idea of the theater and stayed to please the crowds that never came.

When you visit, they follow you; some try to reach out. When you practice your acting, they all go still. It's harmless, but… somewhat unsettling at first.


Visit Pecunia's Knoll (Active)[]

Visitors to Pecunia's Knoll will enjoy 3 points bonuses to all Acting Abilities and Actions for a full three days after their stay.

Unlocked By[]