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Getting a thing done is one thing, but getting it done right is an entirely other thing. The Perfection Pheme was created by (amazingly enough) a perfectionist by the name of Alexander J. Illaryth. Alexander, who never went by the nickname ‘Alex’ or ‘Al’, was not interested in creating a Pheme simply for the altruistic reason of creating a Pheme for the masses. No, Alexander wanted to create a Pheme in order to Inscribe it upon his workforces’ forges and workbenches, thereby increasing the quality of their items and its commensurate sale price. Alexander got his wish; three years after creating this Pheme, his goods were the only ones being sold in a ten mile radius. Once everything else had shut down, Alexander expanded his mercantile empire until his goods were the only ones being sold on the entire island of Umbatha. Only when his trading empire began to interfere with that of the merchant-houses did Alexander meet true resistance; when the dust had settled, the merchant-houses came out on top…as usual…and the secret of the Perfection Pheme was loosed on the populace of Elumia in hopes that no one would ever try such domination again…without the merchant-houses consent, of course.

Difficulty is 7[]


  • Incrsease Clockwork by 1
  • Increase Artisan by 1
  • Increase Finesse by 1

Spell types[]

  • Artifice (Magnitude =2)
  • Corporeal (Magnitude = 3)
  • Magic (Magnitude = 2)
  • Perfection (Magnitude = 4)

Unlocked by[]