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Performing an Epic requires a high amount of Confidence in one's Voice Skill (requires Level 8 or greater); once you're there, though, all that's left to do is find an audience and sing. That said, different people respond to different qualities: Charm and broad knowledge of Music will encourage a reasonable number of people of all classes and stripes to give you money, while Playfulness might expand a few relationships with fellow students (including at least one you might be going out of your way to impress), while a demonstration of Insight and a sense of Music Theory might impress the odd professor.


  • Earn 100 Pims
  • Expand Relationship - Random Student +1
  • Expand Relationship - Random Student +1
  • Expand Relationship - Choice of Student +1
  • Expand Relationship random Instructor +1

Action Types[]

  • Beneficial
  • Music Performance

Duration: 1[]

Unlocked by[]