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Region: City of Mineta[]

Chance of Discovery: 1[]

Visiting the great Petanowfski 'Thrak' Betnathrak's Workshop is inspiring: as the tour guide walks you through Thrak's history and personal struggle with the loss of his volce, he or she can show you the desk Thrak used to discover his Phemes and create his spells as well as the drafting board he used to invent some of the techniques engineers still use today.


Petanowfski Betnathrak’s Workshop (Active)[]

At Petanowfski Betnathrak’s Workshop, one can secure expert tutelage in the art of the Forge and in the techniques of the Engineer, gaining three Skill Steps in a random Subskill of each domain. All at a cost of just 20 pims!

Unlocked By[]