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Philip Hauck

Philip Hauck

College: Vernin

Familiar: Catherwood the Trumpet Hare

Philip is either an artisan or an insufferable perfectionist depending on who you talk to. He’s always very busy as even the slightest misplacement of ink on any assignment is due cause for him to redo an entire afternoon’s quill-work. Students are always trying to get Philip to let them copy his homework because it’s so perfect, but he’s too obsessed with efficiency to waste his time letting others cheat. He may very well accomplish something great when he grows up.

Ability: Compulsion for Perfection[]

Philip’s compulsion to be perfect actually increases his chance of success to most everything he does - though it also ensured that his Stress was a point higher than everyone else's from the moment he walked through the Academagia Main Gates.

Clique Ability: Editor on the Scene[]

Once a week or so, Philip Hauck clears away enough of his own work to be able to take a critical look at that of his friends. It's occasionally an exasperating process - sometimes enough to result in a 1 point Expansion to Stress - but half the time he comes up with suggestions that'll enable you to impress no less than two of your Instructors, Expanding your Relationships thereby.


Arithmetic, Astrology, Calligraphy, Enchant, Grammar, Incantation

Good skills[]

Concentration, Forms, Observation, Orthography, Study Habits, Syntax

Base Attributes[]

Fitness: 1, Finesse: 4, Charm: 1, Strength: 1, Intelligence: 4, Insight: 3, Luck: 1

Personality Preferences[]

Likes: Expand Calligraphy, Expand Dedication, Expand Finesse, Expand Concentration, Expand Observation

Dislikes: Expand Playfulness, Expand Gossip, Expand Beguile


  • Absolute Precision (Concentration, Dedication, Observation, Orthography)
  • Know the School (Explore)
  • Academic Success (Study)
  • Familiarize the Familiar (Bond and Familiar)
  • Better the College (Merit and Relationships - Vernin)

Adventure: The Endless Class and the Studious Student[]