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Region: Academagia Grounds[]

Chance of Discovery: 2[]

"There are two types of knowledge - Intellectual and Emotional. Intellectual knowledge can be learned and passed on, but Emotional knowledge is only felt and defies explanation. For a person to better their Intellectual knowledge, they must obey the Rule of Intellectualism which can be expressed thusly: study, questlon, and reason. A person studies to learn what they did not know before, they questlon to better understand the truth of that which they have learned through study. and they reason in order to learn if that which they have questioned is correct. If a person focuses on this path and heeds the Rule of Intellectualism, than there Is nothing that a person cannot know during their lifetime." - Inscription on the Philosopher's Walk for Oleapia.


Consider Oleapia's Plaque (Active)[]

Careful contemplation at Oleapia's Plaque at the Philosopher's Walk will Expand one's Reason and a random Dialectic Subskill by 1 Step each.

Unlocked By[]